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Bring a smile to

your dog’s face.

About Scruffy to Fluffy Inc.

We are gentle and considerate, professional dog and cat groomers. We use all- natural products and are cage free. Although, comfort cages are available.

Whether your pet needs a quick shampoo, a pawdicure or to be rid of pesky fleas, Scruffy to Fluffy will address specific grooming needs and help keep your pet happy, healthy, looking and feeling great! Our prices begin at $50-$55 for a full groom.

And as always a guaranteed happy and healthy pet :o)

Professional Bath

It includes all natural shampoos, full scrub, a blow out and brushing. Also includes filing the nails, cleaning of the ears, expressing the anal glands and a sanitary shave.

Full Groom 

This includes a professional bath and an all over trim and style. Teeth brushing is offered at an additional $5.

Deerfield Spa Special

A skin and coat treatment by Epi-pet products. We Begin by using a cleansing agent shampoo containing 14 humectants. Using a lavender, tea tree oil and aloe ear cleaner, we then finish with an enrichment spray. Offered at an additional cost. Good for frequent baths & long coats. Helps maintain a knot free coat in between grooms.

Healthy Smiles

Non-aesthetic pet dental cleaning. Small dogs are $195, large dogs are $235. Healthy, affordable and safe.

FURminator Treatment

A deShedding treatment using the FURminator and FURminator deShedding Dog shampoo and conditioner. Which reduces excessive shedding and promotes a healthy skin and coat. Enriched with omega 3 and fatty 6 acids, calendula extract, and papaya leaf extract. Offered at an additional cost.


Our Team

Desiree' -Owner/Pet Stylist

I began my career as a dogand cat washer in 2004. My passion for animals guided me toward opening a family owned professional dog and cat grooming salon. I absolutely love what I do. I opened my business because I wanted to give our beloved pets enough time and patience to insure a comfotable grooming experience. I strive for a calm and fun atmosphere and a happy and healthy life ♥

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