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       My name is Desiree' Peters. I was born and raised in beautiful south Florida for the past 27 years. I enjoy being active outdoors - taking my dogs to the beach, camping, hiking, etc. Being with my family, friends and pets is what makes me the happiest, and I believe laughter is good for the soul.
      I've been fascinated by animals as long as I can remember. I had a dog walking business at the age of 7. I also volunteered anywhere I could to help with animal adoptions and in the kennels of humane societies. I continued my volunteer involvement with animals until I was old enough to earn a salary working in animal clinics. My love for and constant exposure to animals has resulted in my rescuing animals in need.  Even today, I have rescued and brought home my 2 dogs, my bunny, my cat, my bird, and my fish.  
     It seems as though my love for animals has been passed down from my family. My Cowboy Grandpa was a veterinarian for large and small animals at a clinic in the small town of Parker, Kansas. He also served in the army providing care to animals all over the world. My Nana was a dog handler for the American Kennel Club, where she would spend hours grooming to perfection. My Uncle Doug has a small farm in Okeechobee, FL where I used to love visiting. He had pigs, chickens, turkeys, dogs, cats, an emu (lol!) - even a gator named Ernie who lived in a pond my Uncle had made himself.
     I discovered the world of dog and cat grooming by chance. I was working as an after-school counselor while attending college in hopes of becoming a teacher. One summer I helped my friend’s mother as a bather for her dog and cat grooming shop, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Soon enough, I was styling and learning techniques to make the grooming experience fun and comfortable for my furry clients. I knew this was my passion, and eight years later I opened my professional dog and cat grooming salon.

     I have such compassion for the animals that I groom, for this job is not just grooming; I take pride in being able to recognize each animal’s pet peeves (no pun intended!) and to work with them and to train them to relax and enjoy their spa day! :o)
  ~ Desiree specializes in all breeds - large, small, young and old ~
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